Thursday, 2 April 2015

Models and Advertising: How does it work?

What is in an advert?

Consider these questions from memory about the last advert you saw. If you can't think of one, lets take something like the health food processor as an example.

What was the predominant colour used in the advert? What was the model wearing, what colour was it? Did the model look happy? Was the model over weight? What foods did they use in the machine? Did the model perhaps start the advert looking sad, and then look happy after having the smoothie? What room was it filmed in? How light was it? How did it make you feel?

Models Direct
Models Direct
So, most of us will have the correct answers to these questions as this type of 'healthy living' advert always seems to follow the same pattern. They want us to think of cleanliness, healthiness, and happiness and then associate these things with the product itself. How does the model come into this equation? Well, although the product will be aimed at people who consider themselves overweight or unhealthy, the advertisers create a role model for the viewer and a feeling of “I want to look like them! I’m going to buy that gizmo!” It’s a system that works over and over again. Make some changes to the questions above and ask yourself the same types of question about an advert for a gym you saw. Doesn't it follow the same kind of pattern? Models Direct have requests for all sorts of assignments.

It is this same tactic that makes us think of gyms as being full of fit people. The types of models who get gym advertising modeling jobs are always muscular and good looking. They become role models in the process and a negative consequence is that anyone with any feeling of self consciousness about their weight will be put off going to the gym! We know in actual fact that many gym members are trying to shift weight rather than prepare for body builder competitions, so don’t let those negative feelings take hold.  Find out more about modeling jobs by looking at the Models Direct website or get in touch with a local agency. If you choose to go for an agency membership then make sure you sign a non-exclusive agreement and that the agency are a registered employer and properly government regulated like Models Direct are.