Friday, 2 January 2015

Models Direct Modelling Jobs

Models Direct Modelling Jobs

Welcome to the Models Direct blog. Models Direct are one of the UK's largest modelling agencies and connect models with real business every day. We are a government regulated employment agency with real offices and staff dedicated to finding modelling jobs. Below is some feedback that Models Direct and parent company Talent Management recently received from Tony and Lou, the mother of child model Ashantai!

"I was feeling a bit nervous on the night before my assignment. My job was to pose as someone charging an electric car at a car electric car charge point. I had to be at the location in Milton Keynes at 8.30am that morning. It was my first time as a model, but when I met the photo crew they made me feel very relaxed. At the end of the shoot I felt great as I had a lot of fun. I have a friend who wants to be a model and have told them to sign up to Talent Management, as I got work after only 2 months of registering! I will be keeping my e-portfolio up to date to ensure I get offered further exciting opportunities. I signed up with Talent Management to gain experience within the modelling industry, and a little extra money is always a bonus."

Tony, Northampton 

Models Direct
Models Direct
"Ashantai had the most exciting day as a model for Kit for Kids. We could see her confidence grow and grow throughout the day. The most enjoyable part of the day for Ashantai was the interaction between herself, the photographers and another child model - she really enjoyed making new friends! The photo shoot was very educational - Ashantai was directed to find the right time on the clock and matching up the correct colours on certain pictures. All in all, she found it all really fun, whilst learning too - and she would love to do it again! I would definitely recommend other children to join Talent Management and work with Kit for Kids - the staff at both company's are so friendly, and encouraging and very professional. This opportunity has really helped Ashantai's confidence grow and has given her a big boost. We decided to sign Ashantai up with Talent Management because of their outstanding experience and reputation - and they certainly lived up to this. Ashantai is very happy and we are very proud and happy too!"

Lou, Bedford

 Models Direct

For more information about Models Direct and Talent Management or for information on the latest modelling jobs feel free to check out the Models Direct Jobs Board. For more reviews, fashion and lifestyle tips, check out the other Models Direct blogs and watch the video below this post to find out more about who we are. We hope all of our models have a fantastic new year!

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